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Sniper Elite 4 sees players battling against World War II-era Axis powers in the beautiful vistas of Italy. It features many of the mechanics that fans of the Sniper Elite series have come to know and love, namely the cinematic ‘kill camera’ and, of course, testicle shots. Nothing quite compares to shooting a Nazi in their sensitive areas.

Alongside the many familiar mechanics and breathtaking maps, players can enjoy a wide array of weaponry. Encouraging them to use it, the Variety is the Spice of Death trophy/achievement requires players to get a kill with each one of the game’s sniper rifles, secondary weapons, and sidearms. Here’s everything a player needs to know to snag that trophy.


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Sniper Rifles

As the game’s title implies, Sniper Elite 4 takes great pride in its selection of sniper rifles. The table below lists the snipers that must be unlocked and used to kill an enemy to gain progress towards the Variety is the Spice of Death trophy/achievement. Some are even used by the game’s many sniper enemies, so it’s not necessary to purchase them all, but they’re still worth it for loadout variety. It’s worth noting that none of the game’s many DLC weapons need to be used to get this achievement.

Rifle Name Unlock Conditions
M1903 Springfield Unlocked by default
Carcano M91/41 Purchase using 5 Tokens
Gewehr 43 Purchase using 5 Tokens
Karabiner 98K Purchase using 5 Tokens
Lee-Enfield No.4
  • Complete an optional battle at the church in Mission 2
  • Complete Mission 2
  • Complete an optional battle at the watermill in Mission 7
  • Complete Mission 7
Mannlicher M1895 Purchase using 5 Tokens
Mosin-Nagant M91/30 Purchase using 5 Tokens

Tokens are earned by completing the game’s campaign levels and ranking up. Players will have all the tokens they need by the time they’ve completed the campaign.

Secondary Weapons

Secondary weapons encompass everything from shotguns to submachine guns. Most standard enemies wield them as their primary anti-player weapons, so it’s possible to find and use most of them over the course of a regular playthrough.

Secondary Name Unlock Conditions
Thompson Unlocked by default
Trench Gun
  • Kill a Sniper with a trench gun
  • A trench gun and sniper can be found in Chapter 2.
FNAB-43 Purchase using 3 Tokens
MAB 38 Purchase using 3 Tokens
MKB 42 Purchase using 3 Tokens
MP 40 Purchase using 3 Tokens
  • Cannot be ‘unlocked,’ must be found in weapon cache in Mission 4
  • Can also be found in the co-op ‘Overwatch’ missions
FG 42
  • Cannot be ‘unlocked’, must be taken from Support Jaegers in Mission 8
  • Can also be found in the co-op ‘Overwatch’ missions


Just as important as their long-range brethren, sidearms are a player’s best friend for getting close-range headshots without attracting too much attention, thanks to their ability to use suppressed ammunition.

Sidearm Name Unlock Conditions
Welrod Unlocked by default
M1934 Purchase using 3 Tokens
M1911 Purchase using 3 Tokens
Luger P08 Melee Kill 10 Officers
Army Pistol 38 Purchase using 3 Tokens
Webley MKVI Purchase using 3 Tokens

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Best Places To Farm Kills

With the weapons unlocked, all that’s left is to kill at least one Nazi with each one of them. Note that players must “save and exit” after getting a kill with a weapon of their choice, and can track the weapons they’ve used by getting a kill that contributes to the weapon’s unique mastery challenges.

Mission 5, ‘Abrunza Monastery,’ is recommended for farming kills. The ‘pre-mission’ area can be run through extremely quickly, and an enemy can be found almost immediately. The more niche’secondary weapons that cannot be unlocked directly can also be found in the Target Führer DLC mission by getting into the armory.

Sniper Elite 4 is out on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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