In Tales Noir, Assassins are very agile and stealthy with the capabilities to sneak up and outmaneuver any foe they may encounter. Playing as an Assassin can be extremely action-packed and fulfilling, for those who enjoy this kind of play style. Learning how to build combo points, and use invisibility perfectly will be some of the core skills needed to successfully play the Assassin to its maximum potential.

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Players facing difficulties with the Assassin have found the right place to stop by because this guide will offer everything anyone interested in mastering the Assassin class will need to know. It will outline the best Assassin builds in Tales Noir for both PvE and PvP combat.


Assassin Dungeon Nuker Build

  • Spot Weakness
  • Shadowstrike
  • Sunder
  • Shadowless Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Apparition
  • CRIT

Spot Weakness is a two-part skill, with a short cooldown and great damage output. However, the damage is just the icing on the cake, as its primary use is for gaining Energy Points. Stacking up energy points efficiently is crucial to maximizing the Assassin’s damage output. In PvE (Player Vs Enemy) it’s usually best to use the two parts of the skill consecutively.

Shadowstrike is a great gap-closing skill that the Assassin can use to get out of tough situations that may occur when fighting Dungeon Bosses. This skill can remove negative status effects, such as immobilization or stuns, making it very useful against specific Bosses. The damage it deals is nothing to scoff at either since it has a relatively short cooldown.

Sunder is an extremely damaging move that is great for bursting down enemies while closing the gap between the Assassin and them. This skill has a pretty long cooldown, so it shouldn’t be wasted right before Boss battles. Skills like this are great for reaching the damage count for breaking through certain Boss mechanics.

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Shadowless Moon is one of the most important skills for the Assassin, giving them the ability to go into stealth. The stealth not only hides their location from enemies, which is great for dropping aggro but it also increases their Movement Speed, reduces incoming damage, and increases the damage they deal on their next attack.

Full Moon is a Passive Skill that gives Assassins a chance to reserve extra energy when they are full. This makes it so Assassins won’t have to rush into wasting their Energy just because they’ve reached the cap for it. Having energy in the reserves makes it much easier to set up burst combos for Bosses when fighting trash mobs along the way.

Apparition is a Passive Skill that increases damage dealt even further when in stealth. With Stealth being a core ability of any Assassin player, it makes this Passive a go-to in order to maximize damage output.

CRIT is a Passive skill that increases Critical Hit Chance. Critical Hit damage multipliers are the biggest form of damage increase that exists in the game, making it invaluable for a Damage class, like the Assassin.

Assassin PvP Damage Build

  • Blade Storm
  • Shadowstrike
  • Sunder
  • Shadowless Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Apparition
  • CRIT

Blade Storm is the Bread and Butter skill for the Assassin in PvP (Player vs Player) since it has the shortest cooldown of all of their skills. It also applies CC (Crowd Control) and slows the enemy hit, allowing the Assassin to stick to their target with ease. Foes caught by this ability will have an extremely hard time getting away from them.

Shadowstrike is used in a different manner when Assassins are engaged in PvP. Players can wait for the enemy to use CC effects, and counter it with this skill to break free from it. The Assassin won’t be able to be kited easily by Ranged Classes if this skill is used properly.

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Sunder should be used as early as possible in the fight, usually as an opener when paired with Shadowless Moon to burst down the enemy. before they even knew what hit them. Using Sunder earlier gives it more time to get off cooldown, allowing Assassins to potentially get in a second Sunder to execute the enemy.

Shadowless Moon should also be used as early as possible, to ensure the Assassin always gets the first strike. Getting the jump on the enemy is extremely impactful as an Assassin since they are very vulnerable to damage with their low defenses. They want to kill before being killed, to increase their chances of survival.

Full Moon is a Passive Skill that allows Assassins to store excess energy. This Passive won’t be that useful in Arena PvP, since those battles will be quite short. However, in Battleground PvP, it is very useful, since Assassins will have much more time to store up energy for burst damage combos.

Apparition is a Passive skill that helps Assassins maximize their engagement damage with the stealth-based elements of Shadowless Moon. This ability is straightforward in why it’s useful to the Assassin since more damage is always good.

CRIT is a Passive skill that increases Critical Hit Chance, upping the odds of landing a Critical strike. An Assassin that opens an arena battle with a Shadowless Moon enhanced Sunder that is a Critical Hit, will almost one-shot targets that are below them in Power.

Tales Noir is available on Android and iOS devices.

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