As the NBA continues to shift into a 3-point shooting league, NBA 2K23 has continued to make draining threes as rewarding as it sounds. For gamers that design the perfect jump shot for themselves and get the timing down, they’ll be the MVP in any game and any mode they play.

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That is assuming they have the appropriate shooting badges, of course. Aside from getting the attributes taken to their highest potential, nothing matters more than getting the badges just right in NBA 2K23. If the goal is to be the best point-scorer from downtown, these are the right badges to get.


Best Badges For Any Shooter


  • Just shots taken with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 94 Mid-Range Shot or 97 Three-Point Shot

It’s frustrating to burn by a defender on the perimeter, get open for a shot, and then have their pathetic catchup block attempt count. Although it’s not in the face or in the way of the shot, this sideways defense will still phase the shooter. That is unless the shooter has the Blinders badge, which will ignore this kind of pressure.


  • Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 99 Three-Point Shot

Trying to shoot with the new Dr. Disrespect cosmetics can feel swanky, but not when the defender keeps mucking up the shot. Unless playing against completely incompetent opponents, well over 90% of good shots will be contested to some degree.

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Deadeye makes it so these defenders barely have any effect on the shot.

Volume Shooter

  • After a player has taken a small handful of shots, an additional boost to shot attributes is given for every subsequent shot, whether it’s a make or a miss.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 78 Mid-Range Shot or 80 Three-Point Shot

Having the sweetest shot in the new and improved city can be as simple as practice making perfect. Quite literally. Simply shooting for quantity will also improve the quality after a few shots, boosting the attributes of all shots for players who shoot frequently.

Best Badges For On-Ball Shooters

Limitless Range

  • Extends the range from which a player can shoot three-pointers effectively from deep.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 99 Three-Point Shot

Few things will get a player on the special edition of NBA 2K quicker than regularly hitting threes from almost half-court. Limitless Range is the only way to go about doing this. Even with 99 attributes in three-point shooting, the range only goes so far, this badge is needed to extend the zone significantly.

Space Creator

  • Increases a player’s ability to both hit shots after creating space from the defender, as well as cross-up an opponent on stepback moves.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 80 Mid-Range Shot or 83 Three-Point Shot

Messing up opponents off of the dribble is something that all points guards should specialize in. This is even useful for those who don’t shoot from range very often.

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Backing off opponents on stepback moves is obviously great for setting up threes, but it can also make a gap that slashers can exploit.

Agent 3

  • Improves ability to make pull-up or spin shots from three-point range.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 99 Three-Point Shot

Trying to shoot threes off of the dribble is much tougher than catch-and-release style shooting. This increased difficulty can be compensated with the Agent 3 badge, which makes tougher, body-bending threes turn into a standard shot like any other.

Best Badges For Off-Ball Shooters

Catch & Shoot

  • For a short time after receiving a pass, the receiver’s ability to knock down threes gets a significant boost.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 93 Three-Point Shot

From the first look at the trailer, gamers had to be aware that the Catch & Shoot was once again going to be a superior badge for off-ball three-point specialists. Receiving a pass in the right place at the right time is hard enough, players should reward their efforts by taking the best shot possible.


  • Increases the ability to knock down perimeter shots when spotting up patiently.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 86 Three-Point Shot

Sometimes players get the ball in a position where no defender could possibly close out against them. They’ve got plenty of time to spot up and take that next shot. Given the popularity of slashers who draw in additional defenders, these moments should happen a few times in each game.

Corner Specialist

  • Deep range shots taken along the baseline of the court receive a boost, whether it’s off a dribble or a catch.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 89 Three-Point Shot

It can be tough to guess a player’s ratings, but there is very little guesswork when it comes to choosing an ideal location to put up a three-point ball. The corner is the best place to attempt such a shot. Players should make it a point to get in this position and then maximize these opportunities with the Corner Specialist badge.

Slippery Off-Ball

  • When attempting to get open off screens, the player more effectively navigates through traffic.
  • Requirements for Hall of Fame: 70 Mid-Range Shot or 70 Three-Point Shot

Face it, smart opponents aren’t going to just allow a three-point shooter to get into position and wait. This player will need to run around to try and shake whoever is guarding them. With Slipper Off-Ball, the player can squeeze through areas that trip up the opponent tailing them, creating a gap in which they can receive a ball and shoot with minimal contest.

NBA 2K23 is available now for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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