Players of word puzzles who want a challenge can always look to Wordle for a few extra thrills, especially considering how Wordle spices things up by ensuring that no two puzzle words are ever the same. As such, players must ensure they get each day’s puzzle right to maintain their streak, lest they lose the chance to solve a missed code forever.

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In turn, it can become quite frustrating when a difficult Wordle puzzle like today’s forces players to use up all their attempts. Thankfully, the hints below may be able to help give players a headstart in the solving process and make more meaningful guesses to get today’s Wordle word right.


What It Means

Lovers of Wordle know that it may only take the word’s definition in order to figure out the answer, with context clues having the largest contribution to this kind of deductive reasoning technique. When it comes to the September 12 Wordle solution, the word relates to alcohol, especially the hard kind. Likewise, this word describes the consumption of alcohol, especially in large quantities. The word itself comes from a Middle Dutch term that means “to drink in excess,” which perfectly encapsulates its modern usage.

Technical Clues

Sometimes, knowing the technical use of a particular Wordle puzzle might make it much easier to solve. For pro players, combining these technical components with the word’s meaning might reveal more insights than what players may anticipate for that particular round. Here are some clues players may want to check out with regards to Wordle 450‘s solultion:

  • The word has one syllable
  • Two letters of this word are the same
  • This word is a noun when referring to alcohol, but becomes a verb when pertaining to the act of consuming it

Suggestions For Starting Words

Identifying the best Wordle starting words for any given Wordle challenge can provide players with more useful hints for solving it. After all, these starting words can provide players with almost all of the letters they need to complete the solving process. As such, players who are interested in solving today’s Wordle may want to start their guessing session with these ideal starting terms, especially if they want to acquire more correct letters to play with:

5-Letter Words Starting With BO

There’s one more clue that players could use when it comes to solving the September 12 Wordle, and this is through using similar terms. Knowing these words alongside the letters and patterns used could help players to identify the puzzle solution without taking too many tries. Wordle 450 starts with the letters BO and is one of around 165 five-letter words that match this pattern. Here are some of those words, including the answer to the September 12 Wordle:


Wordle is playable via browser.

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