The Boys‘ off-season is proving to be a busy period for Vought International’s marketing team, as the fictional company released the complete version of A-Train’s satirical take on Kendall Jenner’s notorious 2017 ad for Pepsi.

Amazon Prime Video’s superhero series is known for its brazen humour, and Vought’s Twitter account sure has been able to translate The Boys‘ comedy to real life, now posting a 2-minute commercial for A-Train’s Turbo Rush energy drink. The reference was captured in The Boys season 3, episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan,” which mocked Pepsi’s disastrous campaign that was ultimately canceled due to its overwhelmingly negative response.


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Of course, in The Boys‘ supe world that doesn’t appear to be the case, as Vought’s marketing gurus assure fans that the ad was taken down because “the testing was too strong.” The fake commercial’s “Taste The Movement” title further ridicules Pepsi’s tone-deaf attempt to appeal to Civil Rights history and the Black Lives Matter movement. If the shortened version that popped up in The Boys‘ original episode seemed too on the nose, then this one doubles down on the joke with a practical take-per-take recreation of the failed ad starring Jenner.

Save for the added dialogue, A-Train literally stepping in the middle of the potential clash between police and protesters, and the former’s members literally dancing away, The Boys‘ satire is right up there with many of the best parodies of the ad that came out in 2017. At least Vought’s decision to release the complete ad means the fictional company is taking a break from mocking Disney, Marvel, and other companies’ efforts to appeal to social causes. Of course, knowing the series as fans do, Vought will likely return to mocking the competition in no time.

Do keep in mind that A-Train’s publicity fiasco takes place in the series before the supe got a new lease of life via the heart transplant he received, meaning he’s a character to watch out for in The Boys next season. That is not to say the show is free of controversy, as recently The Boys star Erin Moriarty has received misogynistic treatment online, which the show’s representatives have condemned quicker than an A-Trian sprint.

Considering The Boys season 4 just began filming last month, Vought International’s social media department doesn’t post much, but when it does, it’s pure comedic gold.

The Boys seasons 1-3 are available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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Source: Vought International | Twitter

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